Partial List of Inventions

Albertson License 40 Inventions All Became the Number 1 in National Sales that are still on the market

1.Fresh Brew Coffee Maker (Apco-Mr. Coffee-Open Market)

2. Water Pick Shower Massage (Master Specialty-Water Pick-Open Market)

3. Refrigerator Ice Maker (Apco-Frigidaire-Open Market)

4. Cassette Tape Player ( Bill Lear General Motors)

5. Consumer Hydraulic Door Closer ( Hartzell-Open Market)

6. Post-it ( Invented the Non Dry Glue for 3M Post-it)

7. Scotch Tape (Invented putting sand in tape dispenser
    base to keep it from moving when dispensing for 3M)

8. Pressure Washer (Delavan- Open Market)

9. Jet Powered Parts Washer (Kleer-Flo-Safety Clean- Open Market)

10. String Trimmer (Toro - Weed Eater- Open Market)

11. Electric Trolling Motor (Minnesota Automotive- Minnkota- Open Market)

 12.Truck Tire Charger (Bushman-Coats – Open Market)

13. Radiator Cleaning Machine (Hartzell-Ford)

14. Chassis Dyno (Hartzell-DYNOmite – Open Market)

15. Car Starting Units (Zeal-Goodall-Open Market)

16. Gasoline Transfer Pump (Minnesota-Automotive-Open Market)

17. 110 Volt Boaster Start Battery Charger (Hartzel-   Schumacher- Open Market)

18. Rubber Water Pump Impellor (Mercury Outboard-Open Market)

19. Hydraulic Disk Spreader (Tyler Mfg. - Open Market)

20. Variable Belt Drive (Bobcat-Open Market)

21. Snowmobile ATV Variable Drive (Polaris – Open Market)

22. Rapid Flash Camera Strobe (National School Studios Open Market)

23. Ski Shock Absorbers Snowmobiles (Polaris- Open Market)

24. Emergency Kill Switch, Boats, Snowmobile (Open Market)

25. Gasoline Automatic Pump nozzle (OPW Corporation)

26. Waste Oil Heater ( Clean Burn )

27. Hydraulic Multi Pressure Test Gage (Minnesota Automotive)

28. Coffee Maker Water Filter (Taste Filter Company)

29. Self-Regulating Airplane Gyro Motor (Lear Corporation))

30. Posi-Grip Socket Wrench (Posi-Grip)

32. Car Dynamometer ( Hartzell )

32. Motor Cycle Training Machine (Hartzell- DYNOmite)

33.Telephone Long Distance Toll Routing Computer (MCI)

34. Private Pay Phone Calling Computer (MCI)

35. Telephone Computer Printer (Rent-A-Phone)

36. Cordless Pay Telephone (Rent-A-Phone)

37. Car Chasse Dynamometer ( Steward Warner)

38. Power Kleen Automotive (Bobby Undser)

39. Dirty Air Cleaner Indicator (Donaldson Company)

40. Turbo Truck Muffler (Donaldson Company)

41. Snow Pup Snow Blower (Toro)

42. Zero Degree Socket Wrench (Allied/Channel-Lock)

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